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The Regenerative Spider

We serve the servants of Mother Earth

Re’spider is the creative agency behind Ecoist and its unique in a way that we are open for only the servants of Mother Earth. Our dedicated team is committed to providing all-in-one web-based solutions exclusively to organizations focused on Eco restoration & Regeneration, Artists and Musicians. We being the core team behind Ecoist, understand the importance of our noble cause and the digital challenges that individuals and organizations face. We craft our unique digital experiences that empower the collective mission that we share. Services we provide include Web designing and development, Graphic designing and E-commerce and donations management systems to support those working tirelessly to restore and protect our planet, enabling you to make a more significant impact on the Earth’s well-being.

How we started

Its all about connecting the collective cause with Web to harness greater impact. It’s like two rivers meeting to become a stronger force. Ecoist emerged with a mission to Regenerate the Indus river valley with our campaigns and it is impossible without changing the Mass behavior toward Eco-responsibility. The biggest challenge on our quest was our digital existence and the problem of reach of our message in Masses. The Optimized use of Information Technology is the key and it could be harnessed for positive change. We felt the need of such a body to cop with this challenge that our fellow clanmates face this is how Regenerative Spider, the creative web agency was born.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a beacon of digital innovation for organizations dedicated to Rcological restoration and Regeneration. We aspire to empower these noble causes with cutting-edge web solutions, fostering a Regenerative, interconnected digital ecosystem that catalyzes positive change for our planet’s well-being and future generations.

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Core team

Basham Zen

Visual Artist & Chief Architect

Basham is Founder of Ecoist and Respider. He is an Environmental activist and journalist with academic background in History, Sociology, Media and Economics.


IT Expert & Web Developer

Marium is a Graduate IT Specialist. She handles the things behind the curtains of CMS like WordPress.



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Jim Newman

CEO Marketing Story

Our Partners

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